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Mon 9-1 Challenge - grid

Mon 9-1 Challenge - grid

I chose the top right 3 squares of the Monday Challenge grid and layered the leaf embellishment on top of itself, plus the charm and string on top of the leaves. I accented my border with "paint" and chose my favorite eye shadow color for the background. Yes, beige. (Boring eye shadow color, right? :D)  I really enjoyed this challenge!
SNU SS Paper: Cardstock;
AFT Brush Set Essentials: Canvas;
AFT Antique Edges;
AFT Brush Set Ink Smudged Frames;
ABR Falling For Him Jif Plus - leaves and twig;
GWH Grown With Lovecharm and string;

    Stunning!!!! Really nice the photo is a stand alone shot that is for sure, I love it.

    This caught my eye right away, Diane - it's gorgeous! Wonderful photo, beautifully framed, and I love the soft delicate embellishments and title. Love the painted border too.

    I was getting my credits ready and posted and you beat me to it!

    This is beautiful.  Wonderful design and photo and I think that eye shadow colour works perfectly here...


    Beautiful photo and page Diane and I like the challenge pieces you used!  I also really like your framing and embellishment cluster - it's lovely!  :)

    Brilliant. Beautiful flower. Great layout.
    And I like beige eyeshadow too.

    Beautiful photo, and wonderful page, Diane!  I love the asymmetry of the layout, and the subtle, muted colors.

    Beautiful photo Diane and I love this layout :)  Nothing boring about it!  Who says beige is boring, my favorite shadow too

    That black frame mirroring the window ... clever, Diane.  This is so well done.

    Beautiful, Diane.  I like your layering and I love that black frame that's not quite centered.  I really struggle with asymmetry, but love it when I see others do it.  :)  Thanks for joining the challenge!