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Relaxin' At Taylor Island

Relaxin' At Taylor Island

One of our favorite harbors because of this wonderful public island we can dinghy over to. I used friday freebie flowers and recolored them so they matched my page better.

    Beautiful, serene layout!  The colors and textures are relaxing and your photos are so inviting.  Great work.

    Ah Debbie - you are experiencing such beauty in your travels. I love the photos and great page - love everything.

    Wow! What a great place to relax, great photos. Great alpha too.

    Oh, wouldn't that be nice just to relax on the front porch and enjoy the scenery!Wonderful LO!

    What a neat place and your sure look rested!  Your photos are great and I like how you arranged them.  I also really like your title.  Super layout, Debby -  I almost feel like I've been traveling with you this summer, thanks for sharing!   :)

    Lovely to see photos of you! I'm not so good in that department! You get such neat font's. That Relaxin font is awesome.