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cattle mag.jpg

cattle mag.jpg

okay, not exactly pets, but these are some of our animals!
had a lot of fun making this magazine cover - purely fictional!!

    Oh, I LOVE this! We used to have long horns too...now we are just raising black angus...

    I have to do this for my DH for a gift! He'd LOVE it!!

    Great LO! Super cute!
    This is hilarious! I get a kick out of stuff like this. Great job. Was the writing your ideas, also, or were they premade? Leslie
    thanks Leslie
    the "got BBQ sauce" was a quip from an online friend (cos we haven't had those ads Downunder) and the "eat more pork" was a variation on one of my dad's fridge magnets LOL
    otherwise, my ideas, which shows how my mind works, huh?
    WAY too funny! What a great tongue in cheek layout!
    What a terrific idea! So fun. Great job.