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Angel Girl

We lost Copper to Cancer 8 years ago today.


She was such an amazing furry kid. We lived across the street from an elementary school

and I had a Daycare and everyone knew Copper


Just last summer I was buying something....I still have her picture in my checkbook cover....the clerk said "Oh, You're Copper's Mom???"

I asked how she knew Copper and she said "EVERYONE knew Copper" She said she had kids over at Edison at the time.

"Oh the stores we would tell over at the school about Copper....she was the subject of many English reports and speeches" I had not known


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I am so sorry for your loss...they are so special. I feel your pain....I cry every day for Pirate and it has been since April. Your page is wonderful. Copper is on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge playing with Pirate. Pirate was like that my "Walmart Greeter". Your page is a wonderful tribute.

I had a silver bracelet made with a saying and his name I never take it off.

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Sorry for your loss. Copper looks like such a sweet doggie and I know from experience how much loosing them hurts.Gorgeous blending in your layout.

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Oh, I so enjoyed your notes and story Carol. It sounds like Copper sure touched a lot of lives. Your photo and layout is so touching.

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So sorry for your loss, Carol. Copper looks like an absolute angel on your page. Isn't it amazing what you found out about your Furbaby and how many lives she touched. My Cissy is gone eight years this month (21st) and it feels just like yesterday. Loved reading your journaling. They are our babies and part of our family.

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