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Boys of Summer - Mon 3/9

Have spent years sitting on the bleachers - still got another grandson who will just be getting started.

DCA SpShields_Soccer_Brushes

DEB DynBrush RusticStitches

ABR Style VanityPlate

Backgrounds are 2 copies of color fill; bottom with a pattern overlay and top plain color set to Overlay blend mode

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Love all the energy in this! The center mask and blending are great and the colors are so eye catching!

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Striking! (No pun intended lol)... I grew up as a baseball orphan - my dad played so I get what you mean... WONDERFUL way to draw attention to the photo and the use of the diamond is perfect. Love the bright summery colours!

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WOW! The "rays" really draw the eye to the main element. The colors totally carry out the title of "summer"! Great job!

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