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India stop


Photos - my son during a recent trip to India

Happy Diwali (I think this was Festival of Lights) - Rangoli - is a very popular art form in India. It is usually drawn by Indian women in front of their doors or gates. They are meant to be sacred welcoming areas for the Hindu deities. The patterns are typically created with materials including colored rice, dry flour, (colored) sand and flower petals. Some major symbols used in Rangoli are the lotus flower, its leaves, mango, fish, different kinds of birds like parrots, swans, peacocks and human figures and foliage. - This sign was in front of a beautiful peacock rangoli at the Taj Palace. They got to make their own.

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Beautiful LO. Lovely blending of the photos and background. I enjoyed reading your journaling. Must have been a wonderful trip.

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Caught my eye immediately! Love learning about other cultures and this really spoke to me. My neighbors are East Indian and I love them and their culture! Thank you for sharing!

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