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Elva Rosamund Weaver

This page is the first of several I have planned to remember Mama - the only grandmother I ever knew on my mother's side. She was Papa's (Harold Crips) second wife, and he was her second husband. I have no date for the hand-tinted photo, and no information about who took the picture or colored it. There's a tiny mark, which as far as I can tell says "Hedy" - but I'm not sure that I've read correctly, or if the was the photographer, tinter, or both. She looks much younger in this photo than in the other two. I have a note to myself naming her "Elva Rosamund Weaver Johnson Crips" but don't know how I remember her maiden name as Weaver. I do remember - vaguely - her telling me about her son. She also told me, and showed me, that she'd had a mastectomy. I never knew when that happened, but she said that a lump was found. The practice at that time was to remove the breast without a prior biopsy - just do it all at once. After removal the lump tested negative; there was no cancer.

The smaller photos are from Papa's proof notebooks, and are among others that I think were taken about 1935. I know they weren't posed inside their Sears house, which was finished in 1936.

Supply details are in EXIF.

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Beautiful photos; I'm a sucker for hand tinted ones. She seems like an elegant woman and you've captured that in the beautifully elegant page you made. I especially love the touches of gold. It seems she had her share of happiness and sorrows, and it's wonderful that you are chronicling it.

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What a lovely tribute to her and the other LO's are so interesting --you have given us a real sense of family history--helps me think about making my family's LOs too.

Doesn't it just pain you hearing about awful surgery that at that time there was no reconstruction. I remember one elderly woman being so angry years after it had been done to her too- I worked at the hospital (when I was young) and she insisted I see it before she got dressed after being sick.

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I think you win the prize for heritage photos. This photo is beautiful and I like the different shades of brown set off by the blue. The placement of the photos show off these photos so beautifully. I saved this page as a scrap-lift.

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