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All Star Daddy

All Star Daddy

Stitches are from Erica's Hernandez's Well-Worn kit (recolored), and the fonts are Marcella and Arial.

Journaling: Daddy enjoys watching Austin play ball. But whenever we go to one of Austin's games, Daddy doesn't kick back and watch. He makes sure we always have plenty of balls and gloves with us, and he spends the entire time playing with Andrew. It's a big help to Mommy, who's always taking pictures of the game. Thanks, Daddy!

FYI - This was originally a washed-out photo that was rescued in PSE using duplicate layers in the multiply mode. :)

    This photo now looks great. You have done a geat job!
    Nice work on the photo! I like how it streches across the page!
    Love the title. Good job rescuing the photo