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Super Silly - Front Page - June ScrapSimple Club
© Sue Maravelas

Super Silly - Front Page - June ScrapSimple Club

June ScrapSimple Club by Brandy Murry

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Here is the "unfolded" version of the front page I created with Brandy Murry's June ScrapSimple Club. I chose to make a half page, but the templates allow you to create a complete full front page. You can see the folded version of this page here. I really enjoyed creating this newspaper look and adding a lot more journaling than in a more traditional scrapbooking page. For those of you who like to read the fine print, here are the "articles" in the paper.



“Don’t glass coasters make cool eyes?”


When he posed for a silly photo, Harry used items at hand. “I saw the coasters, and realized that they were perfect!” The bug-eyed looked was really quite effective in making people smile.

The soft-spoken chaplain may not seem like the sort to perform such a whimsical antic, but his wife knows better. “We have been married over thirty years, so I have seen him do a lot of funny things.”


This all happened on Easter Sunday. Did that have anything to do with the levity? Harry’s son Steven was too busy laughing to venture an opinion.


Maybe spring fever produces gales of laughter. Such a storm front would be welcome anytime.




The True Source


Steven and Sarah started the silliness. Steven grabbed one of this reporter’s cameras and started taking silly pictures of Sara, so Sara then grabbed the camera and started taking silly pictures of Steven. When they tried to take a picture of Harry, he felt obligated to make a silly pose, too. He did not know then that his pose would be featured on the front page of the Daily News.




Touching Reunion


One of the most heart-warming scenes from this this year’s Easter celebration at Liz and Jim’s house was Tenner greeting his wife Dorothy as she walked in the door to share dessert with the family. They smiled broadly, hugged each other and shared a sweet kiss.


Tenner broke his hip in June of 2012, and since that time he and Dorothy have lived apart. Since she has severe Alzheimer’s, Dorothy lives in the Wellstead in Rogers, a memory care assisted living facility. Tenner lives in a nearby assisted living apartment in Diamondcrest, which is connected to the Wellstead via a tunnel.


Tenner visits Dorothy nearly every day, but this past Easter Sunday was one of the few times they have gotten together outside of the Roger’s facilities. You could tell by the expressions on their faces that it meant a lot to each of them.


Tenner and Dorothy have been married for fifty eight years. The deep and lasting love of these two is an example to the whole family. It made everyone watching smile to see their delight in each other’s company.


© Sue Maravelas

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Thank you for sharing your journaling. Your page has truly inspired me and I went and signed up for the club. I want to use this for my weekly Project Life pages next year ( yes I am thinking in advance !!!! )

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Oh Sue this is fantastic! What a wonderful way to journal your special and silly family events and make it into a wonderful layout! I love your well-written journaling and your photos and placement are great. I was not sure how I could use this collection but you've made me now need to go take a second look. Awesome layout - I love this! :)

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