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The fun is in building sand castles while the tide is out not their permanency.


Products used:

AMC Country Garden Rickrack

ABL Cowboy Flowers

MSD Digital Sticker

SNU SWT PM Diamond Paper

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Love the font in the back ground and how it slightly angles as though it's in the sidewalk! Erasing it away behind Hayden makes it look even more realistic. Great job!

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Great photo and wonderful journaling! I like the way the you removed the text from him and left it elsewhere. The angled font works perfectly with the perspective of your page. Lovely design and gorgeous page!

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What a wonderful outlook on his work! Great photo and journaling and I like the colors you used and how you used text as part of your design..

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Great photo of Hayden busy building castles, really like your green journaling, it looks part of the greenery behind him, clever touch.

Your right hand border also looks very pretty and sunny.

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I like how the journaling fades away at the bottom like the river washed it away, and how you journalled on the space... what a wise boy... and I agree, the fun is in the making!!! Lovely design.

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Oh my! What an inspiration he is. I really like how you got the journalling on the sand around and behind him. Well done! Thanks for joining the challenge.

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