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Jared the Frog

Jared the Frog

I used Photoshop Elements 4.0
I don't like how the edges of the small pictures look so sharp. Any suggestions? Does this even bother anyone else?

    This looks great. The green on the dark background looks fantastic. You could blend your photos into the background but I think it looks fine like this.
    SOOOO Cute! Love the way you laid it all out.
    I love this layout it's adorable. The small photo's are great I don't think the edges are "sharp" at all. Love it.
    i love the vibrance of the green up aganst te black and what a very very cute LO
    This LO is very striking - the green and black being predominant. I love it!!! :breakdance:

    I think Ngaire may be on to something - try experimenting with the blend modes on the pictures. Until I took a brush class and learned more about blending modes, I never would have tried it and something the effect is like magic!
    This is just hilarious. What a cute cute layout. I think the little pictures are perfect on the black background. Very innovative. Love it.
    Jan 24 2007 01:42 AM
    This is wonderful! Great photos, and I love how they look with the black background.
    If you are worried about the edges of the photos, you might try a feather. There is a great tutorial by Lori Cook about feathering and blending in the SG University.
    Mar 01 2007 09:55 PM
    The pic is so cute and adorable

    I am a new mom so I am looking for pic ideas and baby layouts to scraplift.
    The black background is great! I also love baby LOs with several photos from one sitting. they have so many sweet expressions. it's hard to scrap "just one".