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The Land was Like Elephant Skin

The Land was Like Elephant Skin

When we visited Africa in 2005 I noticed from the small airplane we were in over Zimbabwe that the land was like the skin of the elephants... it seemed so magical and so awesome that I decided to document it in this digi layout - my THIRD! This one has NO embellishments and NO paper... just my two pictures and some text...



    Wow does it ever. What a cool trip. I love how you have used the land as the background and then a close up of the elephant. That really emphasizes your point. i love this idea. Great job.
    This is just wonderful! What a perfect way to preserve a memory and use your creativity. I love this!
    So cool and different - really thinking out of the box! Making comparisons and associations is the one of the best ways to record memories!!!
    OMG this is fantastic and so very creative. love how your did this lo. GREAT JOB!!!
    Breathtaking imagery! I'm amazed at how closely the elephants reflect their landscape - not just the wrinkles, but the colors. Your simple layout reveals the similarity to viewers. Well done!

    This is so cool!! Great job!!
    Jan 31 2007 10:53 PM
    Wow, is that neat! What a cool idea, Gail. I love that elephant picture, too. Just look at those eyelashes!
    I love the way the two pictures work together.