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Gpa Carl Woodacre
© (c) SBrandelius 2016
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Gpa Carl Woodacre

When copying the history of a local town from the website I found a photo of the exact sign my grandpa stood in front of. Very cool! Also my oldest son lives just a few miles from there.


I estimate my dad's dad was there in the '20s because of their style of dress, and my dad says the woman was not my grandma so guessing it was pre-marriage years. Before the Golden Gate Bridge was made my dad said it was an all day affair to ferry north, ride a train and horses to get places.





correensilke_cd-bag-heart, -staple-rusted

unidentified: lantern, sign, Calif sign

font: Expletive Deleted

Black/White Woodacre photo and written history: http://www.sgvcc.org...ey/history.html


© (c) SBrandelius 2016
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Wow, this is an amazing page. Your photos are treasures and your notes and journaling are so interesting. Super background and I really like the embellishments you used and how you put this all together.

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GREAT family history page--love your embellishments and how you placed each one (even the staples)! Your photos are a treasure.

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