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2016 04 Planner Inside
© Monica Lebsack
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2016 04 Planner Inside

I had so much fun making this! I re-purposed a used spiral notepad to make a planner. (I know I'm late. Work just cancelled a subscription to an app, so I decided to go back to paper.)


Supplies used:

ScrapSimple Calendar Templates: 8.5x11 and Half Size Planner Starter Set


© Monica Lebsack

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Cool planner, Monica! Do you glue your pages onto the spiral notebook?


Sort of. It was a mostly used up perforated spiral, so I glued the pages to the leftover parts. You know, the little rectangles that are left around the spiral so the page comes out clean? Anyway, I glued 4 of those together so the cardstock wouldn't tear the rectangles off the spiral with it's weight and with use.

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