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Wild Card challenge 16apr16

Can you spot the familiar faces here??? Hint: it is NOT Aidan!





abstract inspiration from Valerie



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What a fun photo and page! I like the way you used the actual art as the background of your layout. Elements blend in perfectly, too.


I see a purse on one of the people in the photo. Hmmm, who could that be?

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Hmmmmmm... I feel a real kinship to the people in your pic - who is that masked woman! :D Hard to believe it was so chilly that day and that silly hood was up and sunglasses on! Sure was fun posing with Callan - it was a happy day for sure as they all were. Love how you used the background and how it mimics the gorgeous colors of that secret garden, PS to all -- Jody and I figured out this was the "scene of the crime" it was right after this I injured (fractured) my foot. And we were having such a lovely time I didn't pay a lot of attention! :)

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Hmmm, SeeWhatSueSaw ... that purse is purple, too. I think that's another hint, LOL.


Fun photo and I love all those gorgeous colors both in the garden and in the background. The black and white polka dots look great with them.

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