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NL Challenge 5/17/16: Sketch - "Wallaroo"

I’m not fond of sketch challenges since they often tie me up trying to be exact. But, keeping in mind that sketches are meant to inspire, I saw that the long photo spaces reminded me of a great panorama taken in Wallaroo, Australia. I framed and highlighted part of the pic as my “stack” since I’m too curious as to what’s underneath to stack pics! :D My huge stretched-out title took the place of embellishments since I wanted this to be about the photos.

It’s an awful photo of me since on this day it was SOOOoo windy out on the Jetty - but I like how the entire grain operation and my Australian friends from that day all show at once. Only Callan is missing since he took this great shot - on my iPod no less!

I was having trouble with this layout, so many thanks to Jody for help and suggestions to get it completed.

Journaling reads:

Wallaro is the point of international export for many agricultural products originating nearby. We

walked down the Wallaroo Jetty and saw the entire Grain Terminal - a huge transport that moves

seeds and grain products from silos along a long conveyor belt to large ships docked in the

deepwater port. It was fascinating. Look at the great panorama shot Callan took showing the entire operation... and us!

For this layout I used:

SNU SS DLO Templates: Mask Me 8.5x11

ViVa Australiana

and Callan’s photo!

Photo Information for NL Challenge 5/17/16: Sketch - "Wallaroo"

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fabulous use of the sketch and I love how you highlighted part of the photo with you in and converted it to B&W. I loving seeing your Aussie Lo's :)

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Wow this is super cool. That is a long way out there! I can see it is quite the operation. Excellent change-up for the sketch. I see that it inspired you and hence another special page from Australia. Thanks for showing us more of that awesome adventure.

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Great page! That beautiful panorama is perfect going across the page and I like the way the small photo adds some depth to the page, too. Lovely title work, too; it's subtle and just right. The whole page is fabulous!

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Awww!!! I remember that day!!! BEFORE you broke your foot!!! Callan really did take a great photo, but you enhanced it perfectly with your BW set in shot and the water focus, I loved reading your journaling and remembering these wonderful times together, just hanging out and being together. Great memory page.

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Great take on the sketch! I never thought to scrap a pano and you did such a fabulous job that I may have to give it a try. Your title work is perfect. I think the photo of you is wonderful!

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