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World Tour - "Art" LO

Here's my "Art" inspired layout. This is my latest watercolor painting. A year ago my class painted in the gorgeous garden of a classmate's friend and I finally finished mine last week. This gorgeous Hibiscus had just opened that morning before we arrived. I drew it and then used purple ink to outline my drawing. The rest is watercolor. It's about 5 x 7" and at the framer's now.

I haven't had much success with paintings in the past few years, so this one felt good.

Many thanks to Margie for all her help and teaching. :)

For this layout I used:

SNU SS Styles - Shadow Me

JDE Work of Heart Collection

and my own photo and painting!


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Stunning painting and I love that you scrapped it too. Hibiscus are such pretty flowers no wonder you wanted to paint it. Really pretty colored background and I love your little birds. good thing your splatters are under the painting...LOL

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You truly are so talented! And who cares if it took over a year - it would take me 10! And it wouldn't be this good lol. Love the tones of purple, the little fun embellishments... the Hibiscus is still the star of the show, but it jumps out even more the way you scrapped it.

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I absolutely love your painting. Very pretty layout. I think your birdies are so cute.

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Stunning work, love your painting and the colors are gorgeous. Bringing the ink to highlight the shadows on your flower brings out all the colors , love this and your background is gorgeous, great page :)

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Oh, how striking! I really like the painting. You produced a lovely work of art, and made another gorgeous piece in creating this page.

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