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Sitting with Santa (sort-of)

Sitting with Santa (sort-of)

All the papers are from the "Peaceful Christmas" kit. The template is by Angela Sharrow.

“I don’t want a candy cane!” Megan’s shrieks echoed through the church, as she kicked and squirmed away from Santa Claus. “I want a castle!”

We had gone to see Santa a few weeks prior, and Megan had told him she wanted a castle we had seen in a store. The pictures hadn’t turned out, and, scrapbooking in mind, I was looking for another chance at some cute pictures. When Santa showed up at our church Christmas party, I asked her if she wanted to go see him again. She was soooo excited, waiting in line with Travis. She thought Santa had her castle with him and when he handed her a candycane, in the way of all overly tired three-year-olds, she fell apart. She thought that was all she was getting for Christmas.

Of course, these pictures turned out crisp and clear. And hilarious. A true representation of young kids sitting with Santa.

    What a cool memory to scrap. Our daughter screamed blue murder when she just saw Santa, that was 26 years ago. We dont have any photos to prove it!! I like the way you havevdone the border. TFS
    I love the border you have used and the pink just works so well with your lo. Great journaling. I'm sure one day she will laugh when she reads what you have written. TFS
    isnt life with a three year old an adventure?
    what a cute story!
    great layout
    Funny! Much better memory to scrap than just sitting serenely on Santa's lap anyway, isn't it? :) I really like the little squares around the outside!