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Family Photo

Family Photo

The paper is from "Distressed Bohemian" and the embelishments are by Samara Gugler ("Swirlicious"). The brush is from spaceraven.

I was going for a simpler look, trying to let the picture stand on it's own, with less embelisment and more white space. When my husband saw the page, he said, "That's nice, but what are you going to put on top?"

Does it need something more?

    I think I agree with your DH. Maybe a poem or saying to the side or something. I love the brown and green colour choice. that is so effective.
    i owuld perhaps but a nice quote about family
    tho i am a huge fan of space left alone
    I love it, but I would make the photo even larger...
    I really like the brown and green together. I would do as Theresa said and make your photo a little larger. TFS
    Yeah I think a larger photo will really do the LO justice. That is a great photo... so many kids!
    amazing photo~ I agree, either a larger photo or a nice big alpha up top~simple,like "love" or "family"~