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Jared, 11 lbs

Jared, 11 lbs

Everything is from "My Baby Boy" by Leah Riodran

By my due date, I was waddling. I could barely walk, rolling over in bed was a 15 minute process. When Jared was born and he was so big, everyone was suprised. I felt completely justified for being so miserable those last few weeks. It was totally worth it. We knew no one would believe he was so big, so Travis was sure to get a picture of Jared on the scale.

Since I was induced, labor went really fast. Travis left to get some breakfast and buy the baby a gift right after they gave me the epidural. He had to rush back to the hospital-he almost missed the delivery. 3 hours is the perfect amount of time to be in labor.

    11 POUNDS! Wowzers! And here I thought my 10 pounder was big!

    I agree, 3 hours is just the right amount of time. :) Great layout!
    What a great scales photo. This double layout is really great.
    HOLY COW!!! You go girl!! My little girl was 1/2 his size!! Lovely page and WooHoo for dad. He did a great job with the scale photo.
    Wow!! Jared is twice as big as my Glory was -- but the last few weeks were just miserable for me too.

    He is BEAUTIFUL and so is your layout. I like the combination of before and after photos. I may have to use it. ;)
    Jan 24 2007 12:51 AM
    Wow, 11lbs!! Go you!
    Another great page! Love that stitching and the way you did the journaling here.
    Mar 01 2007 09:47 PM
    Love this layout. The paper is great. Love the story
    I am a new mom so I am looking for pic ideas and baby layouts to scraplift.