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Jared, bruised face

Jared, bruised face

Everything is from "My Baby Boy" by Leah Riordan

Jaredís face was so bruised the nurses had to put a sign on his crib so people wouldnít think he was suffocating. His face got bruised and he broke a few blood vessals in his eyes during delivery. His nurse said he was the biggest baby she had ever seen that wasnít born c-section. There were twins born a few minutes after Jared-together they didnít weigh as much as he did.

    Aww, poor little guy! How is he now?

    I think it's great that you've scrapped this "real-life" aspect about his birth. It's part of his personal history, and an important part of your memories. Great job with the journaling and the design!
    whoa poor wee fellow, poor you!!!! Its not nice but it is good that you got these photos cos you are so right people would never belive you otherwise. TFS
    Oh, the poor thing! What a way to be welcomed to the world!

    I do love how you've captured the memory with this LO, though!
    That sepia effect on some of the photos just goes perfect here. Sorry about the big bruise. He'll never remember though so now he'll have a scrapbook page to prove it.
    Poor kid! and Poor Mommy!!! I am so glad you scrapped this. Even with a bruise he is a beautiful baby and I am sure it was one of the most amazing moments in your life. Great job!!!
    how big was he??? Kudos to you, my little man was only 6lbs 9oz and that was big enough for me!!

    Wonderful LO!
    Poor Baby!! :( He would never believe that he was born purple, exept for the photographic evidence.

    I hope he is well now. When was he born?
    Jan 24 2007 12:48 AM
    Aw, poor baby! This makes a great subject to scrapbook about, though.
    I love how you have done this layout! I especially love the stitching and the little grouping of sepia-toned photos.
    poor little guy!
    great lo though