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Valentine to my Husband


Dani Foster Herring

Valentine to my Husband

Working on creating a Valentine for my husband. I'm not sure if I'm finished yet or not. I used Robert Browning's quote, "Grow old with me.."

Digitally created in Poser 4 and Photoshop CS2.

    Wow, this is PRETTY!
    What a lovely card. Getting started early is sooo smart. I'm always working one up right before dh gets home. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Very beautiful card! I love your hearts on the side they are truly lovely.
    Thank you so much! The hearts are a Photoshop shape that I downloaded from the Adobe Studio Exchange many years ago...looks like they were made from some Dover clipart.
    wow, you drew the doll? Tell me about how you use Poser. Do you create in it, or do you buy creations....your card is really neat, and I think unique, but perhaps this is the stuff of youth culture and I have missed out.?
    Poser is a 3D program now sold through e frontier. I still use version 4 (Metacreations owned it then) even though I have versions 5 and 6. They just came out with Poser 7.

    They don't sell Poser 4 anymore, instead they sell Poser Artist. I'm pretty sure it's basically the same program. The later versions are too advanced for what I use it for...to create clipart. I'm not a 3D purist so I don't need all the fancy lighting nor do I use it for its animation capabilities so Poser 4 suits me just fine.

    I enhance all of my renders in Photoshop, painting hair, clothes, adding this and that and using PS's tools to get a finished image.

    To use Poser you buy meshes with which you pose, light, dress and then render your image. You can then further enhance in a graphics program...I do a lot of enhancing. *smile*

    The dollie I used for this card is the ball jointed doll created by Maya (http://www.3digitalc.../thumb/bjd3.jpg).

    Wikipedia has a bit about it here...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poser

    It can be an expensive hobby but most of my online friends more than make up for the cost by creating clipart and selling it or by supporting it with actual meshes and textures created for the program. The online Poser community is quite large and there are actually a lot of us old folks out here using it. *smile*