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These two pages are of photos taken by a camera hidden in the bushes along our driveway. It is triggered by a motion detector, and uses infra red illumination - of sorts. The result can be a bit spooky, but it reveals all the various critters that prowl the driveway - and probably other parts of the yard - after dark, as well as the occasional neighbor in daylight. Dave started this project to identify the cats that prowl in search of birds. He sometimes sets a trap for repeat offenders, and has never caught one with a collar or tag, so we assume they're all feral. He delivers them to the county animal rescue department. We see a lot fewer cats these days, and many more birds. He has trapped a few coons, and a ground hog or two; those are released a few miles away in areas with no houses.

Photo Information for Night Visitors - left page

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Great photos, Jo -- this is amazing! The photos do look a bit spooky but very cool, too! I like how you made a layout out of them all.

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