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MLM Week 3 Web

Journaling: I started my new hobby in July 2016. Now all my sisters are knitting blocks for blankets.

I much prefer knitting sweaters for the family. Marlene likes knitting teddy's for charity and

Jenny likes making blankets. Nunzia also likes knitting sweaters. At least I made 7 of the blocks for

the green and blue blanket. Years ago when I used to knit, I found it very boring. (No TV in those days)

Now I spend my days watching Judge Judy and Operation Repo. Love those shows.

Next think I know, I’ve got another sweater done.

Choose 5 photos.

5 photos chosen

Two papers

ABR_YAH_Paper_Blue; BHA_Stylize_12x12_BrownStripe

9 embellishments

5X DDS_WWayOfLife_embellishments



2X DDS_Hortense_accents

Rotate Layout

Started with


Then rotated:


Word Art


Journaling and Date


Photo Information for MLM Week 3 Web

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What a wonderful craft to be doing. Knitting is very relaxing isn't it. Love all the examples at the bottom. This has turned out so well. Pretty background!!

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I am an avid knitter, Belle. I love that you scrapped about your knitting group. This is such a beautiful page on your hobby and the charity work you are doing with it!!

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I loved reading your journaling and looking through your Knitting Circle Sisters photos, Belle. You're all quite talented and your creations are beautiful! I like how your photos are cropped in a diamond shape, if that's a result of the "rotate" it turned out great. I also really like your softly blended background it's so pretty.

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Great photos. Rotating didn't hurt this LO at all. Love the cross stitch border with the navy stitch at intervals. Very clever. I used to knit long time ago. This makes me want to pull it out and give it a go again.

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Great page Belle, and a great hobby. What a wonderful way to spend some hours together knitting.

I feel inspired to finish one of my jumpers that's been lying around for a little while.

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