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Baby Star...thinking of you


Dani Foster Herring

Baby Star...thinking of you

Digitally created in Poser 4 and Photoshop CS2. I really love the colors on this one...not quite pink, not quite orange.

    Such cute graphics! I love the color you have come up with and the texture of the paper ... very pretty. TFS
    What a cute card! I love the colors and the shining stars. That little bit of yellow looks great.
    I agree with you not quite pink not quite orange. Very pretty.
    Very cute! I really like how the colors all work so well together, and the textures you choose with the papers. Very nice! :)
    Thank you!

    I'm finding card creating to be very enjoyable. I love creating papers and digging through my vast resources to find the perfect embellishments. This is really fun. *smile*

    I've been using Photoshop (and Paint Shop Pro) since version 4 (10, 11, 12 years ago?), so I've been through every online graphic phase that you can imagine...from doing every PSP tutorial that came out to creating my own brushes, fonts, and other digital elements. I started about 7 years ago with Poser 4 (and still use that version even though I have versions 5 & 6) so I could create my own clipart.

    The little star cluster brush (on her hair ribbon and the bottom corner) I made several years ago and if anyone wants it, please just give a holler. It was created for Photoshop 7.
    This is really adorable! What a cute expression on her face. Great job!