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The Road to Creativity

Weekend Wildcard Challenge

The Road to Creativity

Supplies in exif properties

    Oh wow PLEASE publish this magazine, it's so cool I want to read it!  Your cover layout is so beautifully done and your use of pattern and color is very creative and amazing.  I really like your topics and the way you used the symbol in the bottom right - how cool!   

    Such a creative layout for this magazine cover! It's so stunning and colorful!

    Simply Amazing...super super cover, just so creative.

    We need this type of magazine! The colors are so bright and fun against the black!

    Yes, please, I'll subscribe! The black really makes your bright, vibrant colors pop!! How cool that you added a QR code!!

    Roy my word. I love this. So different and wonderful. I'd buy this magazine in a heartbeat too. ❤️ Thanks for taking part in the challenge.

    Yay! Great layout. :)

    Very cool - love the color combo here! Well done!

    Lovin' the colors!!