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Spinach Egg salad

JZI_Mohave Collection - April SG Club

SNU_ Tuesday special - April 2017


This is seriously my favorite salad. Overtime I make it it's a favorite of everyone that eats it.

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Ooooh this does sound nice and I have all those ingredients!!!


Dang it, I just noticed a mistake... poach eggs is wrong boil the eggs. I'll fix it in the morning. Lol

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I have made that before but haven't in awhile so now you remind me of it I will make it next dinner party. I love how your recipe card looks.

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No this sound yummy I'm not keen on hard boiled eggs so will have to poach them :). Its like an eggs Benedict without the hollandaise sauce. Glad I've done a card for this challenge so I get this one :)

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