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April wk14 Web

April wk14 Web

week 14 completed.
extras I used were
JSM Nip and Tuck
Oops I forgot to write down the kits, sorry!

    Great array of photos . Lovely grandchildren photos.  You  are doing well keeping up. 

    Ngaire, I love your pages like this. It is so interesting to read about your lives. You do this so well and I wish I could use these templates, but they never work for me. Beautiful photos. :)

    Oh my goodness Ngaire - your Grandees start my day out with a smile, your photos are so happy and precious!  I enjoyed reading about your week and looking through your photos.  And wow, that "river" is amazing.    Good luck with your new car and Happy Belated Birthday to your husband.   :)

    What a great way to capture the week. So well done. Your grands are adorable and so is this page! 

    Looks like a fun activity filled week.  Don't you just love keeping up with the grands?  I really like how you break up the four main square areas then have further divisions. Might have to try that.

    Happy belated Birthday to David :) That rain was no fun was it? Your creek was certainly full. My drive looked like a river as well but thankfully we have that big drain over the creek at the bottom of our garden so it drained away but by the beach it was so flooded. Enjoy the rest of your month with your Grands :)