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Fun Magazine Cover (for weekend challenge)

Fun Magazine Cover (for weekend challenge)

How else would I ever get on the cover of a magazine?  Hee hee

    Hee hee, this is awesome, Linda!  So nice to see YOU on a cover and I loce your tattoos.   I'll bet they didn't even hurt.   ;)   Your extraction is great and I like your blended background and the colors you used and your journaling is really so creative and clever!   Great cover and work.  :)

    Haha, this is great on so many levels! Really clever, fun, layout and nice to see your pretty face too! Love the magazine idea too - I'd buy it!

    This is so awesome, like Diane says on so many levels. I would definitely buy this magazine. I love it ❤️. Thank you for joining the challenge, and making me smile before I hit the sack.
    Bob, the extraction is fabulous, and your titles had me giggling. So creative.

    Where do I sign up for this magazine - it sounds just what I've been looking for ?! Fabulous work - it made me smile.

    This is gorgeous!

    Super cover...now we can say there is a cover girl at scrap girls!!!!

    Easy Breezy Scrap Girl Cover Girl! This is the best! Love it!

    This is wonderful - Teeheehee to the article name!:)

    ROFL! This is great, and we unbound girls should definitely have our own mag! Great job on this, as always! You're the bomb!