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Single..... Then and Now



Single..... Then and Now

Amazing to me, I made most of these or they were part of my scrapbooking program! THAT is a FIRST!

The one thing I can give credit for is the book background - EHI_Bookworm_Transparency_lttr.jpg

My youngest kid "promoting his singleness" as a baby - He'll KILL Me when he finds out that I am doing it for him as an ADULT!

    Too cute! I love it. Great pictures, and I like how you've arranged them. :)
    Very nice LO, love the softer touch of the green and yellow. You did a great job on making all the papers.
    Great job on your layout! The mesh and the envelope look great. I love the baby picture with the adult picture!
    too cute! Great pictures and LO!
    Great job! Love the mesh and the baby photos are too precious. Thanks for joining the challenge!!
    So fun Frugal! Love seeing the photos of him as a baby and an adult! Cute title too! Great job on the challenge!
    Very nice layout ..It flows together so nicely .....You have a very handsome boy there !!!!!!!!!
    too cute !!! love the elements in the back ground

    Nice job incorporating the baby pictures with the adult picture. Cute title too! Love the colors you have put together.
    I love the story! Thanks for sharing :) Good job!