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I love this photo showing both old and new London. I "borrowed" MariJ's idea of using more than one collection, and, of course, there's lots of blue here. Thanks for a fun challenge!

JRA I Love London;
KME Blimey - frame;
BMU Porcelain - alpha;
Fonts are Old English Text, Modern Number 20 and  LD Mother's Typewriter.

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This is awesome, Diane and what a great photo showing old and new!   I really like your framing and your blended background in British colors is so soft and pretty! Your embellishments are perfect and your title is really cool!   Great job on the challenge poem and thanks for joining the Weekend Challenge. :) 

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What great inspiration this is Diane. Putting in a photo showing the old and the new! Your elements are a great choice for the English theme!!

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