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This prompt cracked me up because as usual, my office is a mess. It made me laugh though and wanted to create a "messy" looking layout! Literally, I searched for "messy" among my scrapbook supplies to do this one! Journaling reads: "how is it that my bedroom and living room are generally neat and yet my office looks like a tornado hit it? i’m learning to allow myself some space to make a mess. when i deny my need for perfection, my muse comes out to play."

Supplies include: SNU_BS_AJ_MessyGirl; ABR_SSEmb_StreetGrungeMask; GWH_SSPaper_PepTalk_Diamond. 

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This is awesome, Dianne and really portrays the energy and feel of "mess"!   That said, ummmmm..   Maybe it's always better looking at someone else's mess, but yours doesn't look it at all to me!  I love your journaling down the side and the font and colors you used and your photos are great!  I also really how you used the figure and arranged your pics behind a "messy" title!   So much thought in this, it's wonderful! :)

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LOL love this page. By the way that is not a mess! When I was working my desk was always a mess. I used to say "a messy desk is a sign of a brilliant mind" so you cna use that too.

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When I saw this challenge, my mind immediately went to what messy supplies I have to use, too! I don't think your work space is a mess and I love the sketchy outlines you used.

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