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Project Life 2017 July 1


For some reason I’ve been stuck on July and have had it in PSE and working on it for two weeks; time to get it out of there.  :) 

Journaling reads:
Summer pool days & walking more…  SG Sale-Abration & a Challenge/Chat…  July 2 - Jody’s birthday; sad she missed 46.  Darren’s favorite photo…  Walked to HS for Vietnam Traveling Memorial War, very touching…  Great walking week 6/29-7/2…  Concert & awesome fireworks @Brookdale Park for 4th!…  Poor kitty under car & sweet worried pool kids…  Pool, annual Ciccone BBQ & patriotic toenails.  My baby twin is so cute!…  12 year memories…  Swimming width of pool & back to applause from pool deck…  Salad & Sundaes with K&D…  The MOUSE saga & Jim.  Amazon + traps + mouse?  I win all…  Watching Paul play baseball…  Gardening & mowing…  Lunch with CD & D…  Henry & the angry liver…  Faithfully continuing PT home program…  Still mowing, crazy weather…  Outdoor Concerts & dinners @Brookdale Park & dragonfly invasion!…  Rainy & windy…  Lori: “:)  Just keep swimming, Nemo!”…  Fish sitting x2…   Angry liver?  The body doesn’t lie…  H: “Relax & let it unwind”.  It did…  Jody gone 6 months…  Beautiful pool days, 1 hot & humid week…  Daily pre-pool downtown WO walks & gate sitting with Lee…  Poolside concert…  Henry & the Yellow Emperor…  Bee sting, once, bee sting twice, yuck!…  Susan here…  Ciccone/OD’s to shore :(…  Wonderful Saturday @Beachwood with Candarellas.  Easy swim in salt water…  Rain, rain, rain - no swimming :( …   James is getting so big!…  Fairy garden evolving & lights…  Walk to bank -7800 steps!…  New checking account…  More rain — “Not HAPPY, Jan.”…  My garden…  Henry in China…  7/28 Jackie’s baby - McCartney Alexander Mosley - 7lb 15 oz. 20.5 in. @6:46 PM.  Shaky start,  hospital transfer & lung tube, but 4 days later Mac’s breathing on his own & home @ 1week!…   Still raining & mowing…  Mac’s blanket…  Visit Kessler - 2x no Alexis!…  Walking more…

For this layout I used:
SRO Value Pack Daily Life 8.5 x 11
AFT Brush Set Mingled Months
SNU Stories We Tell
SNU SS Styles: Shadow Me
SNU Happy Summer Paper
DEB Spring Romance Paper
and my own photos

Photo Information for Project Life 2017 July 1

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This is awesome!  I've been doing picture a day since January 2009, but I don't decorate it.  I'll have to make more of an effort because this looks wonderful!

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