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Project Life, week-35, 2017

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Note: I'm so glad to finish and upload this page. It has torn my heart out all over again to have to journal this.

Sunday was our last day in Chattanooga. Our first stop was the Tennessee Aquarium. Penguins! Lemurs! Otters! Dave in a shark cage!!! (He’s gonna need a bigger boat.)

We were hot, and Dave was beyond worn out, but after a cool drink or two we took a double decker bus tour. We had already scheduled it from home, and it set off from right by the aquarium. Rufus was our tour guide, and we learned a lot of things about the local history. Moon Pies were first made right across the river from our hotel!! Yumm!

Dinner was at Sticky Fingers, and this was the only time it rained all weekend. We got soaked getting from the parking lot to the entry.

I don’t even want to write this, but sadness is just another part of life. Dusty was so happy to have us home. On Wednesday we took him to the vet for a re-check on his ears and on Thursday night at about 8:00 he left us. He wasn’t feeling well and he simply laid down in the dining room and died.

We donated his food and treats to Texas, for Hurricane Harvey Relief.


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It was so sad just reading about Dusty's last day; I can't imagine how you must have felt putting this page together.

Your page has its usual mix of wonderful photos and great journaling.

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I know this page had to be hard to do and I was sad reading it.    I know you miss Dusty and I will miss him on your pages, too. 

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Oh Becky I was so sad to hear That Dusty had passed away.😩 I have really enjoyed seeing him in your layouts.

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So sad to hear about Dusty. It made those last pages of him more poignant knowing they were his last few weeks with you. Thanks for sharing him with us.

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So sad to hear about Dusty.  I know from following your lay outs what an important part of your lives he was.  You have many happy moments documented in this project.  They will be nice to have on going. Hugs!

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