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Weekend Challenge 9/24/17 NoPeople - Silly Lyla


My sister's new little beagle puppy Lyla first took over the BIG dog bed that's really her sister Neva's - a 3 year old pretty big White German Shephard.  So for a few days Lyla was sleeping in the Big bed while Neva was crammed in the little one.  Then Neva took back her bed but Lyla still likes to snuggle.  I laughed so hard when my sister sent me this shot, it's just WANTING a good caption!  Silly Lyla - who ever sees a dog laying on her back???
For this layout I used:

TCS SS DLO Templates 4x6 Doggy Tales
TCS Doggie Tales Paper Mini
SNU SS Syles Shadow Me
GWH Through His Eyes Embellishments (arrow)

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On 9/25/2017 at 4:21 AM, Ngaire said:

😆😆😆thats awesome!!! Caption could be "Wonder what's for breakfast!" 😃

Love that Ngaire and it made me laugh!  :rofl:

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