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Happy Birthday Mike

Happy Birthday Mike

Unfortunately, I am not actually a member of the SG Club yet :( , but, I was for one month b.c my mom was looking at SG to buy me a Christmas present and she somehow signed up for the monthly club. (She said she thought she was buying a magazine. I have no clue how she ended up with the SG Club, lol!!) So, I got Melissa Renfro's wonderful Treasures Collection. :) Here is a layout I made with it. (I actually started this layout a few months ago, but didn't really know what else to do with it, so it has just been sitting for awhile. Last night I felt like scrapping, so I took it out and finished it up.)

SG Melissa Renfro Treasures Collection
SG Mandy Steward Stitch Brushes
SG Mandy Steward Stitch Style
SG Shalae Tippetts Eerie Collection: photo turns
SG Amanda Sok Winter White Collection: alpha
SG Diane Miller Bitsy Brushes
Fonts: Lithos Pro

For Mikeís 19th Birthday, we had a nice cookout at Momís house. Aunt Eileen and Aunt Barb came over and we spent the whole day hanging out by the water and looking at old family photos.

    A perfect way to keep that memory! I'm glad you finished it!
    Sherri this looks fantastic!!!!! Love how you got the rounded stitching. This is really good. I hope that you can soon be able to get the SG club.
    I really like the mix of elements and papers you used! Nice colors and love the stiching as frames around the photos!
    well for not knowing what you were going to do I really like what you did!!! great job

    Looks like a beautiful stitched leather frame! I love the nice & neat look of this with great colors. :D
    Nice layout! I love that little bow on the letter M. :) Hanging out with family by the bbq and looking at old albums - that's the best. :)
    I like your frames with the stitching . . . and the color is perfect for the photos. The little bow on the letter "M" is a charming little touch. The photo of Mike at the grill is great!
    Great job! I love the frame and the stitching. Lovely!!