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Tanz and Jess copy.jpg

Tanz and Jess copy.jpg

This was my layout that was in the newsletter. It was so wonderful Tania finally being able to hold wee Jess. She just didn't want to let her go. Which I don't blame her.

I used Angies Day to Day and weekend getaway kits that we got in the January kit.

The layout was inspired from my Pages by Design book from Deluxe Designs.

    What a sweet and meaningful page. I love the way the photo take up the better part of the page. Great work!
    What wonderful journaling! And the photo is precious, the look of happiness on Tania's face is wondeful. I love the rich warm colours you used.
    I so enjoyed seeing this layout in the newsletter! It's such a wonderful photo, and the title says it all. ;)
    The tags here look great! I love things in threes. You can just feel the excitement from her smile!
    What a sweet moment and a great photo!
    Love the journaling on the tags.
    Really nice LO!
    Beautiful layout. I love how the photo is nestled so perfectly among the elements you used. The mat under the tags is great. I like how you cut the corners to parallel the tags. Great job! :D
    I love the colors you used and the picture just pops out at you. Great job!
    Feb 01 2007 08:43 AM
    Great job! I love the ribbons coming out of the tags... you can just tell she is in heaven holding the precious little girl. Great job portraying that in this layout.
    Priceless moment. Good job! :)
    This is a beautiful page Ngaire. Great use of the kit and positioning of the photo. Grandbaby is sooo cute, just look at her little jeans.