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Just Hangin Out

Just Hangin Out

This is my cats fave spot to sit now. Up on the window. He falls a lot off it, I dont think he realizes he may be too big to sleep on the window..lol

I use the new club kit for February Altered State By Valerie Randall and Date Stamp Brush set by Mandy Steward


    What a crack-up! He falls off a lot? I love how he's center stage in this, with that bird checking him out!
    Yeah I laughed too when I read he falls off alot!!! :disappearing-smilie: I think that you need to put that on the layout somewhere. Cool layout.
    This is a hoot. Looks like he's eyeing the bird, or the bird is eyeing him. Aren't cats just the funniest about finding goofy places to lay. I never thought of scrapping my cat's craziness. Great idea. Love the way you used the new club contents.
    So cute. Cats are very entertaining. Love your lo. Don't you just love the birds in this kit?
    tee hee...you should add your comments you wrote to your LO, especially the part about him falling off, the journaling would be hilarious!

    I like where you put the bird, it looks like they are watching each other!
    Too cute! I love how you made it look like he's checking the bird out. I agree with Erin, you should add the story to the page as journalling. Good job.
    Feb 07 2007 06:12 PM
    This is so cute, Jenn. I love the combination of papers, and that bird is a great addition. Since that paper is so textured, it looks like he is holding right onto it!