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Back-cover for my Africa-album.

We found ourselves in the middle of an Elephant-herd of about 20 animals in the Masai Mara, and I couldn't help myself...
I just had to take this picture!

"Kwaheri" means Goodbye in Swahili.

Background is from Erica Hite's "Just the Basics Paper Biggie"

Staples are from Katie Pertiet's "Botanist Notebook Kit no 8" at DD

Font is English Presto 111 BT

    Feb 01 2007 06:23 PM
    Love it!!!!! My daughter's first year album, I took a photo of her walking away from me for the last page to end the year, so it is a similar idea but this is just awesome!
    This makes a great back cover! I love it! :D
    The beginning and the end done ! Only the middle to go!!! :disappearing-smilie:
    My daughter did a trip like this and she LOVED the elephants. This is a way cool photo.
    Too cute I love it great color in the photo & so creative to scrap a elephant's behind LOl LOVE IT!!!

    oh, for a minute i thought you got me in the shower, but then i remembered: no grass in my shower, lol. This is too funny!
    ROFL....oh my goodness...this is AMAZING! tee hee....what a fantastically funny photo! I've been so excited to see your Africa LO's and you have so far not disappointed me...*grin* Not like you could anyways, I always love your LO's!

    I really like how simple this is, totally draws all the attention to the great picture!
    Very cool photo! I love all your LOs! What an awesome album you are going to have!
    This is hysterical! I love your idea.
    what a wonderfully simple layout...uber cool!!! like someone else said...it would look fab as a back cover! ;)