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What the Heck is a Hoodoo?
It’s a strange word for strangely shaped rock pillars. Over thousands of years, rain, snowmelt and wind have scoured the glacial material that makes up the ridge you are standing on, creating deep and narrow gullies. These Hoodoos were once partially protected from erosion by caps of sod or harder rock material which acted like umbrellas for the pillars. The origin of the word “Hoodoo” is unclear but we do know that these odd features have had a place in people’s imaginations for thousands of years.

I used a brush mask behind the word art.
DEB Heather Paper Green Stars
DEB Heather Paper Mauve
ABR SS Embellishment Template Nature Walk Mask
ACU SS Alpha Sanded
ACO Alpha Bit Blocks
SNU Brush Set Burlap & Wood
STI SS Tools Style Stamped Neutrals
SNU SS Tools Styles Metal Edge

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Those Hoodoos (love that word!) are so cool and so is your photo, Laraine.  I really thought they were gnomes in the little thumbnail, it was fascinating to read all about them in your interesting journaling.    I love your blending and the papers you used and your title looks really great.  

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Thanks for the info on Hoodoos the name really made me laugh :) Beautiful blending of your photo and love how you did the totle :) 

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