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V - Masai-women

V - Masai-women

Something came loose under our car on the very bad roads of Kenya, and we had to get it fixed in a small garage just outside the Masai Mara.
We bought some souvenirs from these women, and talked to them while the car was being fixed.
One of them, "Hanna" new some english, and talked a lot about babies and men!
At the end I got them to line up for some photos - for a small fee of course!

This is basically what the journaling tells - in Swedish...

Background is from Theresa Kavouras' "Spring to Life Solids Paper Mini"

    Nice, colorful photos! Good LO!
    wow! very neat! thank you for sharing such a memorable trip with us!
    What a cool page and what a neat experience! Sometimes, we have the most interesting experiences and meet the most interesting people when life isn't going as planned. The trick is to take it in stride. Extending the blue sky all the way up and using it as a background for the smaller pictures is a really cool idea.
    I love their clothing! What beautiful women. I also like the image at the bottom fading into sky.
    Oh love the colors of their clothing! Really like the photo creating a border along the bottom edge! Love this!
    Great job of the photo blending. Keep them coming.
    Wonderful photo blending. Amazing colourful clothes they have!
    What beautiful, bright clothing! I love the effects you used at the bottom of the page. I'm loving your layouts!
    oh i love the colours! great LO~
    Wow! Look at those colors... beautiful