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Just Like You....



Just Like You....

Journaling says:

My Dearest Grandma Barton,

I have never written a love letter before -
you are getting my very first. I strongly
believe it will wing its way to you in heaven,
where you will already know that
I have grown up to be just like you.

Years ago when you taught me the value
of old things, of ordinary things, and of
natural things, I never forgot.
And I have passed it on, just like you.

Years ago, when you taught to
use what I need, but not to be wasteful,
and to value what I have, I never forgot.
And I have passed it on, just like you.

Years ago, when you told me about my
American Indian heritage, I never forgot.
And I have passed it on, just like you.

Years ago, when you told me about the gift,
I wondered if I, like my sister, had it.
Time has proven that I do.
It will also prove if I have passed it on...
Just like you.

I love you for all the ways I am just like you.

I LOVE this layout, but I didn't use much from ScrapGirls in this, and that doesn't make me all that happy. I had so much of my own stuff here and it was just BEGGING to be used for this layout. Here is what I DID use of other artists:

Alphabet - GoldDisc







I made the backgrounds and the garland, and other elements came from my scrapbooking program.

    This is very very beautiful. A wonderful tribute to your Grandma.
    WOW!!!! :o This is amazing!! All the elements you have used....wow wow wow! And what beautiful journaling...this is just fantastic I'm gobsmacked!
    Love the heartfelt journaing! Absolutely lovely LO! Your Grandma would be proud. :)
    This is a beautiful tribute to your Grandmother. I am sure she would be proud.
    Very very nice! What a wonderful touching LO! Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Good job!
    Pretty! Love the journaling! And such a lovely tribute to your Grandma! Great job on the challenge!
    Amazing job!! This is just beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing with us!!!

    This is beautiful!!! amazing thou how much our family has a influence on our selfs . what a beautiful page you did here.

    OMG this is beautiful, everything about it is just lovely. TFS
    sooooooo sweet. fantastic job. no terrific job. no wonderful job. ohhhhhh i just cant find the right words. TFS