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Create Beauty ATC


© Jan Hicks

Create Beauty ATC

Thanks for coming to class, everyone! We'll do this every month.

CBA_SpringFever_dragonfly_green and blue

    I love this - what a wonderful blend of background and elements - the blending modes really do the trick!
    love this Jan! So very pretty! And love the collagy effect of all the different elements! Can't wait for the next class!
    This is so beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration and for the well detailed PDF. Even though I missed the class, the PDF guided me enough to try to make one myself.
    Awesome Jan! :worthy:

    Thanks for the class!! I loved it! Learned alot!!
    This is sooooooooooo pretty Jan. Love the colors and the birds you added. Fabulous job and thank you so much for the class last night.
    Jan, I love this. The texture is so nice, and I love the way "create" is blended into the sky. The elements you added are great. I especially love that bird!
    AWESOME, Jan.