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ATC Class- Beautiful Maine


© Jenny

ATC Class- Beautiful Maine

Well, I missed the class, but the PDF was fantastic! I had to modify somewhat because of my GIMP limitations, but I think it came out alright. Thanks for making me push my boundaries again Jan!

This picture is from my parents trip up to Maine and the Maritime Provinces. I think this is Maine... I'll have to doublecheck with my Mom... LOL. I just thought it was a beautiful picture.

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    Really pretty! I love the way you did the title! This looks like a postcard!
    I love the texture you have on that!
    This is beautiful! (Maine and the Maritimes are some of my favorite places, too. :D )

    I really love the texture - you've inspired me to follow that PDF and give it a go myself. I really love what you've done here. :)
    It *does* look like a postcard! You did a wonderful job with this. I love the textures you chose! Isn't it fun to see what
    happens with the textures and blending modes! So glad you gave it a try!
    Great job on the ATC!! Yours does look like a postcard! I love the textures! Beautiful!
    I don't know what GIMP is but it really works:) Great job and it looks like someone really painted it. Great Job and beautiful scenery.
    Wonderful texture - you are an inspiration - I might just have to make an ATC
    Feb 10 2007 02:08 PM
    Wow, Jenny, this came out Great! I love the texture!! Beautiful job on the title, too.
    very petty good job