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The Palest Spring by Veronica Spriggs

Photo Information for Dandelions

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Dandelions are so pretty until they are taking over my lawn and my neighbor gets upset!  :rofl:  Your photos are beautiful and I love your background and the scalloped edge.   I also really like how you used this collection, I used it too and really like it!   PS I vote yes too - even though the dandelions make me crazy! :) 

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I'm very good at growing dandelions. Everything else; not so much! lol! I love your close up photos and how you stacked them! I like all your little embellies too. 

side note - I remember my dad tried making dandelion wine. I wasn't into wine back then so I have know idea if it was any good.:blink:

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Beautiful photos -- and good for you actually photographing the dandelions! I think they look pretty on lawns, but I know I'm in a very small minority. Lovely page.

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