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V - Kikuyu

V - Kikuyu

DH insisted that I'd have my picture taken with the Kikuyu-men...

Journaling reads;
The Kikuyu-tribe is the largest of Kenya's almost 70 tribes.
John told us they're "everywhere" because they are so many!
These gentlemen are dressed in traditional kikuyu-dress and
posed for pictures for 200 Kenyan Shillings...

Background is from Angie Briggs' "Weekend Getaway Paper Super Mini"
Frames are from Brandy Hackman's "Street Grunge - Frames Transparency"
Alpha is from Brandy Hackman's "Persian Breeze Collection Biggie"

Font is Pica10 BT

    I love the elaborate face painting and headdress. This is the first page of your album I've looked at but I'm going to go and check out the rest, cause it looks like a fantastic trip you have been on. Love the paper and frame choice.
    The frame around the photo looks really effective!!
    I love the hand-painted look of the frames around this photo. Their dress must have been so beautiful to see in person!
    Liked the frame effect you used and the green theme works good with the bright color of the tribel men is 200 Kenyan Shillings alot or not so much?

    Yikes! Do they ever look in the mirror? LOL You know I've noticed how you used the typewriter font for the journalling....it works so well and unifies the album while giving it an informal quality.

    So interesting!
    "is 200 Kenyan Shillings alot or not so much? - CC from AZ"

    200 Kenyan Shillings is slightly less than $3!
    Wow! I like the way you put the 2 frames on top of your picture and rotated one of them!
    Love the vibrant colors! Great job!
    you look so out of place~ for once,this may be a good thing!