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V - Chania Falls

V - Chania Falls

During a "pitstop" on the road between Lake Nakuru National Park and the Masai Mara,
our wonderful driver/guide showed us this!

Journaling reads;
On the outskirts of Aberdare National Park was this beautiful Waterfall.

Background is from Angie Briggs' "Weekend Getaway Paper Super Mini"
Stamped effects are from Brandy Hackman's "Street Grunge - Frames Transparency"
Alpha is from Brandy Hackman's "Persian Breeze Collection Biggie"

Font is Pica10 BT

    The paper and frames are fantastic with the greens in the photo. Question: Is the cute man in the photo your DH or the tour guide?
    It is my DH! :dancingelephant:
    Beautiful! The long vertical of the waterfall is nicely match by the paper in the same proportion on the left. It's perfect! Your DH is a cutie!
    Great composition with this one!
    Simply beautiful! I love all the long lines mirroring the waterfall! Excellent!
    Beautiful job! I love the long lines and the placement of the smaller photo. The green background really compliments the photos.
    Great waterfall!!!
    Don't you just love waterfalls they are one of my favorite things to shoot.

    The green bg works so well, but I love how you picked the reddish colour out of the rocks, to use for the title...

    Wonderfully composed! DH is a cutie...WTGG!
    nice pics~ love the water