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It is so hot in Cape Town that there

is not enough water for the wild

birds. A Heron came and sat on the

high power lines. He saw the pool

and was wanting water.

We were outside so he did not come

down. We have got two bird baths but

I suppose the pool just looked nicer.


SG_Simplicity_Paper_BVA_Mesh-Blue; ACA_Iridescence_Alpha2; SG_Simplicity_Emb_PWR_Tag; CRO_AutumnSplendor_Feather2; BMU_Menagerie_Feather-1; SNU_JIF6bySyndee_6_Emb-Cluster; BMU_EMB_Laurels_Cluster; BMU_SSPaper_Edgers_Aged;BMU_SSPaper_BGBlenders_3; SNU shadows



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The pool would be a better bird bath for that large bird...LOL. This is a very cool LO. I love the bright colors and your title work is really super.

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Wow, that’s something about it being so hot that there’s not enough water for the birds.  I’ve seen that happen here, but I’ve heart that your drought is really awful now.    Your photos are awesome and I really like your pretty title and embellishments and how you combined the two photos so beautifully.   Great page, Belle.

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Funny, I posted my layout and then realized I uploaded it right next to yours which also has "HERON" in large letters on it.  Great minds!  I love your journaling here.  Poor heron... I hope he found some water to relax in!

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At first I thought the heron was something in your stash, then I reead your notes. Wow you blended your two photos so beautifully! Your cluster is really pretty. 

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Oh, poor heron. I sure hope he and all of you in Cape Town get some relief soon. I love how you made your page, blending the two photos. 

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Great page, love the journaling. I was hoping to hear that you all had some cool rains. Hope they come soon.

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