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Week 16


The collection I used for this week was 2016 Everyday   and  Value Pack:  Scrap It Monthly 3

Week 16, bottle, a very interesting prompt.  Bottle of soap, why is this the 1 thing I always forget to pick up at the store?  Shatto Milk..YUM!  Gary brought it home from an event he did the other night.  Chocolate and Root Beer, luckily I got a photo before the boys drank it all.  Medicine bottle..I hate taking medicine daily for arthritis, but it if helps from doing damage to my joints I'll do it.  Ha..I’ve told Justin for 3 weeks now to pick up these bottles in his room.  Water bottle, my favorite tool in training Sully, his worst enemy. Shampoo, I can always tell when 1 of the boys used my shower.  They always leave the bottles upside down

Photo Information for Week 16

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I love reading your journalling about the prompts. Very interesting how a simple word can inspire great layouts. I love it; and I really admire your consistency in your layouts for this project!

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Great page... I had fun with thinking up what bottles I would photo this week. Thankyou for sharing the journaling which I really enjoyed reading. 

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