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Monarch Migration WW

Used to see large "flocks" of migrating Monarchs - not so many in my part of the heartland anymore. Some blame pesticides and wind turbines.







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How gorgeous!! I love how you softly blended your main photo with all the beautiful butterflies and then the close ups of the other ones. What a sight that must be!!

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Thankyou for taking part in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge. Thankyou for sharing your great photos and well done extracted butterflies. 

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Oh this is gorgeous Betty and must be a sight to see!  Your photos are beautiful and I like how you blended the larger and framed the smaller and your extractions are wonderful.   I see Monarchs occasionally here and once in a while we’ll get a bunch that must have lost their way, but this is amazing.   Lovely work - gorgeous page.   :) 

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Oh, I love this!  I went to Mexico in 2007 and there weren't near this many in the wintering sites.  I hope they can make a comeback.  I am planting large flower rows on the farm (in Oregon) each year as a food source for all the little critters. 

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That must be so awesome to see. I love your page. The 'migration' font is great.

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